Aunty Kim’s first massage experience at Thomson Plaza

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Counting the days working for Refresh Bodyworks, I have yet to try their services at any of the outlets. With the monthly staff welfare that we are entitled for massage, I decided to finally give it a try at Thomson Plaza. It’s FREE so why not!

I was contemplating to try Back Massage or Foot Massage. My final choice: Foot Massage! The comfortable leather foot reflexology chair is the cause of my indolence. Moreover, I can recline its backseat to revel in ultimate relaxation. Shiok! Apart from that, they have a mounted TV for entertainment!

And if you like hard pressure, Ah Di (therapist) is the right therapist for you. He is ITEC Holistic Massage certified as well.


ITEC is the premier International Awarding Organisation for qualifications in Beauty, Complementary and Sports Therapy. In fact, most of our therapists are trained in a professional setting and have obtained the relevant certification.

Ah Di knows the specific points and the right pressure to apply. According to him, when tension is released at the reflex point, the corresponding organ, or body part is stimulated and aids towards its healthy function. The process encourages overall healing, circulation and restores balance.

After any massage, please remember to consume plenty of water and minimise your intake of caffeine. Most importantly, you need to follow the guidances given by therapist to obtain the best possible results from the treatment. I’m looking forward to my next massage session!

S, our very own ‘mad scientist’, is concocting some distinctively Refresh cream lotions, massage oils and aroma oils. Refresh Bodyworks will be launching our own signature range of products so check out the full range of products on your next visit!

As she is still in the midst of developing the range, the new cream was not used on me during the massage. I can’t wait to try it the new cream soon! Stay tuned!

If you’re looking forward to our range of products, sniff the air and you’ll discover that we’ve launched our signature scent! Refresh Citrus Burst blend is said to have a refreshing and uplifting effect on one’s mind and soul. It is supposed to lift the spirit as well as to clear the mind. It can be used in a burner, in a bath or as massage oil with carrier oil. Take a deep breath when you are at any of the outlets!

Before I end this entry, here are some money-saving offers:

  1. $29.90 for 40mins Foot Reflexology+ 20mins Upper Back Massage
  2. Download “Glo” application on your iphone for special vouchers (Valid till 15 April 2011)
  3. 15% off Safra Special Deal: 40mins Foot Reflexology+ 20mins Spot on 20 Massage (valid till 30 April 2011)


Always on the hunt for great bargains,
Aunty Kim


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